PT. Belindo International Carpet is a Belgian-Indonesian joint investment company located in Tangerang, Indonesia. The strategic geographic position of Indonesia in South East Asia, being the largest economy in the region, has allowed PT. Belindo International Carpet to enjoy robust growth since its inception in 2009.

With its current production capacity of over 5 million square meters per year and utilizing only the newest machinery from the best suppliers in the world, PT. Belindo International Carpet is poised to become a leader in innovative carpet weaving. The founders of the company have over 60 years of combined weaving experience and international sales, and the plant is backed by a strong local management team that ensures quality control is adhered to the strictest standard.

As a young and dynamic manufacturer, we believe that we are more flexible and quicker in entertaining our clients’ special requests as we are not burdened by the heavy bureaucracy typical of larger and old-fashioned companies. We are looking forward to constantly challenge ourselves in delivering more cutting-edge products and better service to our clients, so that we may always aspire to be the best in our business.